If you can imagine the thrill of touching down after an exhilarating tandem skydive or sliding behind the wheel of a real NASCAR stock car, you’ve understood why experiences make such incredibly powerful corporate gifts, incentives and rewards. Experiences can add rocket fuel to your incentives mix - whether it’s a one off gift or a full rewards program.

Here are just some of the reasons to put experience gifting at the heart of your business:

Memories to last a lifetime

Simply put, experiences create memories that last a lifetime. They can’t be broken, sold on eBay or left to gather dust. It's our memories and shared moments that help make us who we are.

Create a culture of engagement

We love to talk about the things that we do, rather than the things that we possess. Imagine if conversation around the water cooler focused on the great things your employees did at the weekend rather than who's hiring or the next round of staff cuts.  Experiences are the ultimate catalyst for positive discussion and can re-engage your staff with your business.

Quality time and work life balance

There are hundreds of things to do, right in your own back yard. When you give an experience, you provide a springboard to new adventure and the perfect excuse to enjoy quality time with the people you love. It’s amazing how refreshed you can feel after a day spent doing something that takes you out of your comfort zone - it’s like a mini vacation at the weekend.

Treat people as individuals

Great American Days really does have something for everyone, from spa days to golf lessons, culinary tours to scenic flights. Whether your sales staff are serious adrenalin addicts or your PA deserves some well earned quality time to relax, experiences cater for the unique tastes and needs of all your staff, clients and customers.

Healthy mind, body and soul

Cash may feel great on the pocket but does it really deliver a lasting benefit once you've filled up the tank or paid off the store card? Experience gifting open the door to new horizons. When we get off the couch and experience the Great Outdoors, we return refreshed, healthier and happier.

Excellent value

You’ll pay no more to buy an experience from us than you would pay if you went to the venue directly. Your gift certificate also comes delivered in our signature red and silver gift pack and includes a complimentary personal booking service via our Customer Service Team.