Hot Air Balloon Flight, Chicago


LOCATION: Crystal Lake, IL


Drift over beautiful lakes and enjoy views of the Windy City.

Get a stunning bird's eye view of magnificent Lake Michigan from a hot air balloon high in the crystal clear skies above Chicago. Toast the sunrise or sunset with a glass of fine champagne for a flying experience to remember for a lifetime. Sail away over the beautiful Fox River Valley, forests, and rural countryside around Chicago for an aerial voyage of discovery you will never forget. See the region from a whole new perspective as you soar like a bird and take in views over the mighty Lake Michigan in all its splendor and enjoy Chicago's skyline from a totally unique vantage point. Lake vistas, rural landscapes and city views combine to provide a remarkable hot air balloon adventure you will never forget.

  • Fantastic views over Lake Michigan
  • Choice of sunset or sunrise flights
  • Only four passengers per balloon for more personal flight
  • All pilots are FAA certified instructors

See the Chicago skyline as never before and enjoy stunning views of Lake Michigan. Participants must be aged 7 or over and weigh less than 270lb.

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