Rewards & Recognition


Give them the time of their lives and they'll give you 100%.

There's really nothing complicated about why we get such fantastic feedback from companies who use our experiences to reward their staff, clients and customers. With more than 6,000 activities to choose from, we provide great choice, memories to last a lifetime and the perfect way to help your employees discover a life less ordinary.

From points programs to employee of the month awards, loyalty programs to spot prizes, we'll work with you to find experiences your key people will truly thank you for.


Your Questions Answered


Q: Do I have to select a booking date at the time of purchase?

No. It’s easy! Just choose an experience and we’ll send your colleague or customer a certificate that can be booked at a date, time and location to suit them.


Q: Do I have to choose a specific experience or can I let them choose?

If you know what your recipient wants, you can purchase a certificate for a specific experience. Simply find the perfect experience and make their dream come true! If you can’t decide, choose a Great American Days gift certificate that can be used towards our entire portfolio of experiences


Q: What's included in the gift pack?

Every Great American Days gift pack comes with everything your gift recipient needs to know from ‘how to book’ to ‘what to wear on the day’. We can add a personal message from you or leave it blank for you to fill in yourself. We can also include your logo and other branded collateral should you require:

Gift certificate
Presentation wallet
How to book
Detailed information cards showcasing the experience or choice of experiences available


Q: What dates are available?

When your gift recipient is ready to book, they will contact our Customer Call Center for a full listing of available dates to enjoy their experience. Some experiences are available throughout the year, other activities are seasonal or available on pre-selected regular dates. Our call center will work behind the scenes with your employees or customers to help them find the perfect date to enjoy their adventure.


Q: How can I include experiences within my existing rewards program?

Including Great American Days within your existing rewards program is easy! We'll help you choose the selection of experiences that best fit your employees or customers and provide you with all the copy and images needed to promote your new rewards option to your audience. When you are ready, simply send us your order and we will ship direct to you or your customers by FedEx or email.