Site map

Front page


The ‘Experience’ section is the primary way of searching for the products in the site. The Experiences form the major navigation of the site. More detail regarding the layout of the Experiences index and sub pages can be seen in Fig L and Fig M


The Location section is a filter of the Experiences section. Users will be prompted to search for Products based on locations. See Fig X and Fig Y for detailed view of user journey and wireframes.


When a user wants to search for an experience by gift type or ‘Occasion’ rather than location or recipient they will navigate to this section or select from the navigation drop down. The index page gives them an index of all the ‘types’ of occasion that Great American Days offers. For example, Mothers Day, Valentines and Christmas themed gifts.


The fourth type of user search is by recipient. The user is given a choice of recipient types that they can choose to buy gifts for. This list will be a filter of the search for gifts.