Wheel Throwing Pottery Course, Miami


LOCATION: Hollywood, FL


Develop the skills to allow your brain, hands and fingers to work in harmony.

Expand your horizons with this four week wheel throwing pottery course.  Perfect for beginners or those whishing to expand on their skills.  Develop an inner connection so that your brain, body, hands and fingers work in harmony to create personal and unique art.

This is a five week course based at a studio that has over 13 potter‚Äôs wheels setup and ready for those that have experience with wheel throwing pottery and those who want to learn.  The course includes five three hour instructed sessions and five three hour practice on your own sessions.  The course includes:

  • Clay material, firings and glazing of all the pottery piece you make during class
  • You will learn the process from start to finish about working with clay
  • A clay shaping tool kit that you can take home
  • Wear comfortable loose fitting clothing you don‚Äôt mind getting dirty (which includes your shoes)
  • Long hair should be tied back and out of the way
  • If you are going to wear a skirt make sure it is long and loose because you need to get up close and personal with the wheel.
  • Bring an old small hand towel to help you cleanup afterwards
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