Vintage Aerobatics Flight, Kissimmee

From $490

LOCATION: Kissimmee, FL


High octane thrills in a legendary warbird

Dive, roll and loop the loop over the spectacular Florida countryside on an airborne adventure to remember.

You’re in the pilot’s seat as you carry out a breath-taking aerobatics display in an iconic North American T-6 Texan that was used as a trainer plane during WWII. Known as the ‘Pilot-Maker’, this legendary aircraft is yours to control as you learn to fly a genuine piece of aviation history and carry out a full spectrum of dazzling aerobatics maneuvers.

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30 Minute Aerobatics Flight, Kissimmee

Climb into the cockpit of the original äóÖPilot-Maker' a ...Read more

LOCATION: Kissimmee, FL



60 Minute Aerobatics Flight, Kissimmee

Two great adventures roll into one as you enjoy the thrill o...Read more

LOCATION: Kissimmee, FL



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