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Top Chicago Experience Gifts

Top Chicago Experience Gifts

At Great American Days we're in the business of making dreams come true with our selection of exciting Chicago experience gifts. Chicago is home to an amazing selection of experiences just waiting to be discovered and we have them right here in one incredible online store! Whether it's a birthday gift to remember or a holiday gift with a twist, you'll love our unforgettable and exciting adventure gifts. Chicago experiences include exotic car racing, balloon flights, trapeze classes and much, much more. Check out a sample of our Chicago experience gifts below. You can also see our full list of offerings on our experience gifts in Chicago page.

Film Tour, Chicago




See Chicago from the Director's Chair

Chicago's filmmaking history is almost as old as movies themselves and this is your chance to discover the city of Chicago from the director’s chair.

The first motion picture camera was manufactured in around 1895, and by 1897 William Selig, a former magician, was producing and showing films in Chicago. Today the city’s film-making heritage goes from strength to strength, immortalized in blockbusters including the Dark Night, Road to Perdition and more.

On this inspirational 2 hour tour, you’ll hop on board the movie bus to go behind the scenes for all of Chicago’s classic movies including the Blues Brothers, Ferris Bueller’s Day off, The Sting, North by Northwest on more. You’ll visit more than 30 sites from Chinatown to Uptown, Lakeview to Downtown as you discover the unique locations were more than 80 movies were shot. Ride in comfort and style on board a luxury bus as movie scenes literally come to life around you.

Whether you’re a movie buff or just curious to view Chicago from a whole new perspective, you’ll gain a whole new insight into the Windy City’s incredible and diverse film making heritage.

  • Unforgettable 2 hour tour showcasing Chicago as never before
  • Discover behind the scenes trivia and learn fun facts along the way
  • Travel in a luxury motor coach and watch movie scenes along the way
  • Get the inside track on current film-making activity
  • Visit more than 30 site where more than 80 movies were made
  • Perfect for Chicago natives and newcomers alike

You’ll climb aboard a luxury motor coach and see the city from the director's chair. At each location, you’ll watch scenes come to life on multiple video screens while getting up close and personal with memorable locations. This tour is perfect for both movie lover and those looking for a fun way to experience the Windy City

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Tandem Hang Glide, Chicago




Chicago's ultimate hang gliding experience

Find out why everyone’s getting into hang gliding on an incredible aerial voyage of discovery over the Chicago skies.

Carve the breeze and thermals, securely attached to your instructor, as you experience the unbridled joy of hang gliding at heights up to 2,500 feet. Unlike airplane flying, there’s no cockpit to separate you from the wide open skies and no noisy engine to interrupt the tranquility which is why hang gliding has been described as one of the purest forms of flight.

You’ll begin your adventure with your feet firmly on the ground as you receive an expert briefing from your instructor. Next up, it’s time to reach for the skies as you are towed to altitude in a light aircraft. Once in the air, you'll be shown the basics of how to turn, slow down and accelerate, and will even be able to take the controls yourself!

Showcasing amazing views of the Chicago skyline and lakes, this tandem hang gliding discovery flight provides memories to last a lifetime. Whether it’s the springboard to a new pastime or just an excuse to see the world through a unique bird’s eye view, this unforgettable Chicago dream flight is for you!

  • Unforgettable 15-20 minute tandem hang gliding flight
  • Enjoy incredible views of Chicago
  • Reach heights of up to 2,500 feet
  • No experience necessary
  • Fly securely harnessed to a certified hang-gliding instructor

A light sport airplane will tow you to an altitude of up to 2500 feet. Once you're released from the plane, you'll be amazed at how quiet and peaceful hang gliding can be. Your instructor will show you how to fly the glider, teaching you the basics of how to turn, slow down and accelerate.  There is no age restriction, but you must be at least 3.5' tall and weigh no more than 240 lbs to enjoy a tandem hang glide flight.

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Trapeze Class, Chicago




Unleash your inner acrobat

Discover the unbridled thrill of the flying trapeze with an introductory session, showcasing the skills needed to fly through the air, just like real circus acrobats.

You'll learn the techniques needed to get your legs on the bar and actually swing through the air as you perform training exercises used by real circus entertainers. Following an introduction on the ground and a demonstration in the air by an instructor, it's time for the fun to begin! Once you're ready, you will work with your instructor to achieve real acrobatic maneuvers including take off, basic knee hang, splits, planche and whip. You'll also begin learning the basics of building your swing for higher tricks.

In a relaxing environment, with the focus on fun and enjoyment, you'll be amazed at how you gain in confidence with every swing. Finish the lesson on the ultimate natural high with the knowledge to carry out a variety of basic trapeze techniques.

  • 2 hour lesson with a focus on fun
  • Learn the basics of mastering the trapeze
  • State of the art training equipment
  • No prior experience is needed
  • All levels of fitness and ability are welcomed
  • Intermediate and advanced training also available
  • Suitable for ages 6 and over
  • May not be suitable for anyone weighing more than 205 lbs

Recreational flying trapeze is a great way to get fit and have some fun. You'll learn from instructors with real circus backgrounds who are passionate about their craft.

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Drive an Indy Car, Chicagoland Speedway



If you feel the need for speed then nothing can compare to driving a highly tuned, race ready Indy car on a super slick race track as used by the legends of IZOD. Touching speeds of up to 180 mph, have you got what it takes to power this mean machine around the fast and furious Chicagoland Speedway?

  • Reach speeds of up to 170mph
  • 1.5 mile, 18 degree banking tri-oval track
  • Full size 600hp Indy cars with open wheel and open cock pit
  • No lead car to follow and passing is allowed
  • Must be 18 years old and have a valid driver's license

Sitting just an inch off the ground, an Indy race car can reach faster speeds and achieve greater G-forces than cars used in the NASCAR series. Working to timed sessions, there is no need to count the laps which means you can really focus all your efforts on hitting those top speeds.

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Indy Car Ride Along, Chicagoland Speedway




If you feel the need for speed.

Buckle up behind a seasoned highly skilled professional racing driver and prepare yourself for the ultimate high powered, high speed, Indy ride along driving experience. This is as close as you'll ever get to the thrill of the Indy Series as the highly tuned dream machine attacks the fabled Chicagoland Speedway with speeds of up to 180 mph! This is the fastest ride along on the planet and one guaranteed to please the biggest speed demon in your life. Indy car racing experiences do not get any better than this!

  • Ride in a 2 seat Indy Car for 3 heartpounding laps
  • Around the 1.5 mile, 18 degree banking tri-oval track
  • Top speeds reaching up to 180mph
  • Driven by a professional racing instructor

Climb into your elevated seat at the back of this specially designed Indy-style race car and from you raised position you won’t miss a thing on this exhilarating ride.

- Maximum weight 295lbs / Maximum height 6’7”

- Minimum weight 100lbs / Minimum height 5’

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Fly a Plane, Chicago


LOCATION: Wheeling, IL


Live your dream of flying a plane

Feel the adrenaline rush as you take the controls of a light plane and soar across the sky.  

Experience the joys of flying a light aircraft with one of Chicago's leading flight schools as you enjoy an outstanding 90 minute extended flying lesson that puts you in control. You'll be guided every step of the way by an experienced and knowledgeable FAA certified instructor, who will show you everything from pre-flight checks to the effects of control.

In this extended flying lesson, you'll be totally immersed in the world of flying as you are asked to do everything a real pilot does. From the pre-flight taxi down the runway to take off, in flight maneuvers to speaking with the control tower, you'll be living the pilot's dream.

This is the ideal way to introduce yourself to flying. But be warned, it's 100 percent addictive!

  • Chicago’s number one flight school
  • 90 minutes flight time
  • Total immersion in the flying experience
  • State of the art flight school facilities
  • One to one training with an FAA certified instructor

This unforgettable introduction to flying allows you to experience the thrill of piloting a plane while enjoying some of the best views the city has to offer with these Chicago flight lessons. Illinois residents and guests can purchase these extended 90 minute flying lessons and then send a gift pack or e-mail with directions on booking a flight date. You will feel welcomed as soon as you arrive at the Chicago facility to start your plane flying lessons. Illinois residents and guests will not feel disappointed as they chart Chicago's skies. You’ll be fully in control as you are challenged by your instructor to carry out all the pre and post flight checks as well as piloting the actual plane.

You should be aged 12 or over (under 18’s need parental/guardian consent) and taller than 4’10". The prices listed are for the Cessna C-150 Commuter.

If you would like upgrade to the larger, more comfortable Cessna 172, please call our Customer Service and $50 can be added for the flight voucher. The upgrade is required if the student is over 6 feet tall or 200 pounds.

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Drive a Stock Car, Chicagoland Speedway




upto 60% off

Get ready to unleash a race primed stock car on the infamous Chicagoland Speedway and discover the world through the eyes of the champion driver. Picture the moment as you're sat on the start line, your mouth dry and your adrenaline levels rising. All you can hear is the throaty roar as 500 plus horse power strains at the leash. Then in a flash, your foot is pressed firmly down on the gas pedal and you launch that baby into high octane heaven!

Choose from a range of packages that NASCAR fans will go wild for!

  • Exciting high speed laps at Chicagoland Speedway, a 1.5 mile D shaped oval track
  • You drive a 500+ horsepower stock car
  • Cars previously used in the NASCAR Sprint Cup
  • Race against classmates with passing allowed
  • No experience required

Hear the V8 engine roar as you power around Chicagoland Speedway and get a taste of what it is like to be a pro racing driver. Feel the excitement of sitting behind the wheel and passing the other drivers on the track. All cars are actual race cars previously used in the NASCAR Nextel Cup, including the Chevrolet Monte Carlos, Pontiac Grand Prix, Ford Taurus and Dodge Charger

Drivers must be aged 18 years and over and have a valid driver's licence. All racing suits, helmets and safety equipment are provided.

Race cars do not have doors.  All drivers must have the ability to climb through a 15" high by 28" wide window that sits 35" from the ground.  Must be at least 5' tall and maximum height 6'4".  Waist and chest can be no bigger than 52".

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Chicago Buffet Lunch Cruise




Chicago as you've never seen it before

See Chicago from a whole new perspective on a buffet lunch cruise that mixes great food, panoramic views and outstanding live entertainment.

It’s time set sail on the Spirit of Chicago, the city’s number one party ship for a lunchtime dining adventure to remember. Feast on stunning waterfront views and an excellent three-course buffet, freshly prepared on board. Enjoy live music performances from your talented crew before the DJ takes the floor and the dancing begins. Dance ‘til you dock to all the favorites or maybe relax up on deck as you soak up sensational waterfront views in style.

  • 2 hour dinner cruise aboard a luxury, air conditioned cruise vessel
  • Gourmet dinner buffet, freshly prepared on board
  • 3 climate controlled decks
  • Outdoor strolling decks and an outdoor patio deck
  • Great entertainment and live music

See Chicago’s magnificent lakefront, from McCormick Place to Montrose Harbour. A newly renovated cruise ship, delicious buffet and outstanding entertainment, all set against the city's dramatic backdrop, provide a night to truly remember.

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Chicago Extreme Jet Boat Ride




The fastest passenger vessel on the Great Lakes!

Get ready for the wettest, wildest most thrilling speed boat ride of your lives as the awesome super fast Seadog takes you on a fantastic tour of lakeside Chicago. The Seadog is the fastest passenger vessel on the Great Lakes so you know you're in for one heck of a ride!

The backdrop is the fabulous city and the back beat is hardcore rock and roll music as your captain keeps you even more entertained with little gems about this amazing city.

Expect high speeds, tight turns, and 360 degree spins as this super speed boat powers across the lake. This is the white knuckle speed boat experience to beat all others and is the only way to see the city of Chicago!

  • 30 minute open-air speedboat ride
  • Intense jet propelled experience
  • Exhilarating high speeds, topping out at 45mph
  • Full 180-360° spins
  • Departs from Navy Pier

Feel the power of this amazing speedboat as it blasts off on your thrilling tour to cruise past the fantastic Chicago skyline. Then hold tight as you experience this exhilarating ride in the most horse-powered commercial passenger vessel of its kind to be found on the Great Lakes.

  • You are advised not to ride if you have a bad back, bad neck, heart condition or are in late stages of pregnancy
  • All passengers on Seadog Extreme MUST be taller than 48 inches.
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