Private Surf Lesson, Santa Monica


LOCATION: Santa Monica, CA


Discover what surfing is really all about

Get a personalized surfing lesson with expert instructors at one of LA's favorite surf spots.

There is no more effective way to learn to surf than by having the undivided attention of a professional instructor. You'll be guided every step of the way as you discover the expert techniques needed to get you up and riding your first wave. Every lesson is designed with the individual in mind, whether you are a total beginner or an advanced surfer looking to improve your technique.

Discover what surfing is really all about on this exclusive, one on one lesson in Santa Monica's best training environment.

  • Personalized session lasting 1 hour and 45 minutes
  • Learn to stand and catch a wave in your first lesson
  • Expert tuition available for advanced surfers
  • Professional instructors with experience of surfing wildest spots in the world
  • Operates year round at Santa Monica
  • Suitable for anyone aged 13 and above

This fantastic surfing lesson can be tailored for your skill level and is suitable for beginners and more advanced surfers. Spectators are welcome to come and watch from the shore. Lessons take place in a fantastic location in Santa Monica - one of the best places to learn in LA - where waves break gently, far offshore, no matter what the ocean conditions. It is essential that you are a competent swimmer to enjoy this activity.

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