Introduction to Motorbike Riding, Atlanta




The ultimate two wheel adventure

Born to be wild? Rev up for the most fun you can have on two wheels as you enjoy an exciting introduction to motorbike riding.

Specifically designed for first-timers, this action-packed, informative session includes the use of a motorbike as well as all safety gear and is perfect for anyone thinking of getting a bike or those just curious to know how it feels to power across the landscape on two wheels!

The day starts with a brief overview of the riding gear as well as a tutorial in the major controls of the motorcycle. Next up, it’s time for the real fun to begin as you hop on your bike, ready to learn the basic concepts of starting and moving a motorcycle. The awkward jerks and lurches of student drivers are all part of the fun and, with some clutch and throttle practice, you’ll be riding with confidence in no time. By the end of the session, you’ll have completed your first ride and will feel every inch like a real motorcycle rider.

  • 2 hour session that‚Äôs perfect for beginners
  • Motorcycle and all gear included
  • Learn from experienced instructors
  • Includes mixture of theory and hands-on driving
  • Must have valid driver‚Äôs license

You’ll learn from a team of moto-enthusiasts, passionate about motorcycling and keen to share their knowledge with you. Participants can borrow motorcycles from a stable of 250cc Kawasaki Ninjas, Honda Nighthawks, and Yamaha XTs. Championship riders tutor up to six novices in basic controls, friction zones, clutch and throttle control.

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