Hawk Walk, Live Oak




Experience a Fascinating Hawk Encounter

Majestic birds of prey have been worshiped by man for thousands of years, and now it is your turn to get up close and personal with these beautiful creatures. Discover the power, skill, intelligence and unmatched courage that make these spectacular raptors so unique, learn about the enchanting history of the world's oldest and most noble sport, and even hold a raptor yourself! Be sure to dress comfortably and bring your camera to capture this memorable experience.

  • Get up close and personal with a real live trained hawk.
  • This experience lasts between one and two hours.
  • Discover why so many have worshiped the unbelievable power and beauty of these stunning birds.
  • Enjoy the opportunity to hold a raptor yourself.
  • Capture magnificent memories of your adventure in video or photographs.
  • Long-sleeved shirts are recommended.
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