Great White Shark Encounter, The Farallon Islands

From $375

LOCATION: Emeryville, CA

Come face to face with one of nature's most fabled predators on an unforgettable Great White Shark encounter. Meet these fearsome, beautiful and often misunderstood creatures in their natural habitat as they congregate at South East Farallon Island before beginning their long migration across the Pacific Ocean. This unforgettable encounter, in the company of marine experts, will amaze and astound you. It will also change forever your attitude to the ocean's most mighty hunter, the Great White Shark.

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Topside Observer

Set sail for adventure off the coast of South East Farallon ...Read more

LOCATION: Emeryville, CA



1 Day Cage Dive

Get up close and personal with the largest Great White Shark...Read more

LOCATION: Emeryville, CA



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