Fly a Military Jet, St Petersburg

From $2500

LOCATION: St Petersburg, FL

Take to the skies in a L-39 Albatross military jet - the very same aircraft used by the Russian cosmonauts for training! This plane is the real deal and you'll never forget the feeling of flying the true Ferrari of the skies and carrying out your own aerobatic mission, under the guidance of a seasoned veteran.

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Fly a Military Jet - 30 Minutes

Reach for the skies in a real fighter jet and see if you're ...Read more

LOCATION: St Petersburg, FL



Fly a Military Jet - 45 Minutes

Experience the unbridled thrill of piloting a real L-39 jet ...Read more

LOCATION: St Petersburg, FL



Fly a Military Jet - 60 Minutes

Get ready for the ultimate adrenaline rush as you take to th...Read more

LOCATION: St Petersburg, FL



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