Fly a Helicopter, New York


LOCATION: Harrison, NY


The ultimate natural high!

From the minute you take off to the second you land, helicopter flying is a graceful and unforgettable experience. Take your seat in the ultimate aerial hovercraft for an exhilarating helicopter flying lesson that puts you in the pilot's seat!

Experience the rush of accelerating to over 120 mph at heights of up to 1000 feet with your hands at the controls of a Robinson R44. The vertical take-off is an incredible sensation and the thrills will continue as your pilot shows you how to move forward, backward, sideways or simply hover in the air. When you're ready, it's your turn to take the controls under expert guidance. You'll never forget the sensation of maneuvering this amazing flying machine!

Finish your adventure on the ultimate natural high and take home memories to last a lifetime.

  • 60 minute lesson including ground briefing (30 minute flight time)
  • An additional $25 per person airport facility fee will be payable on the day.
  • One to one instruction with FAA qualified pilot
  • Take the controls and pilot the helicopter yourself
  • Counts towards a pilot's license if you wish to continue training

This hands on flying lesson showcases the full spectrum of helicopter maneuvers, with you in control wherever possible. You will interact with the pilot via the headset and be able to guide the helicopter using a dual control system.

You should be in moderately good health and weigh less than 250lb to enjoy this experience.

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