Falconry Experience, White Sulphur Springs


LOCATION: White Sulphur Springs, WV

Learn the art of flying trained birds of prey

Enjoy the rare opportunity to experience the 4,000 year-old sport of falconry. Feel the thrill of working with majestic birds of prey against the backdrop of one of the most scenic areas in the country. You will even get a chance to put on a leather glove and hold an elegant Saker Falcon.

  • Fun and informative 1 hour class
  • Chance to learn the ancient sport of Falconry
  • Interact with a variety of birds of prey
  • Hold a trained Saker Falcon
  • Watch a live simulated scenario of the Harris Hawk hunting 

In the falconry beginner’s lesson, you have an opportunity to interact with a variety of captive-bred, trained birds of prey. At the flying grounds, you can watch as hawks fly free and get an up-close look at several endangered species, including several hawks, falcons and owls. You will also enjoy engaging commentary on the history of falconry.

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