Falconry Apprentice Workshop




Take Your Falconry Experience to the Next Level

Discover the art and science of this age-old tradition in depth with a one day falconry workshop! A fantastic way to learn more about this hunting experience that has been a favorite of kings for thousands of years, this falconry class will help you understand everything involved with becoming a falconer. With interesting information about laws and regulations, equipment, the care of these majestic birds, and the dedication and effort needed to enter this thrilling vocation, this one day Florida falconry workshop is a must do for individuals who wish to investigate the reality of falconry.

  • Group meetings and one-on-one courses are available.
  • This experience lasts about 8 hours
  • This introduction course features in-depth information about the art and science of falconry.
  • Learn about raptor care and the regulations, responsibilities and requirements that come with being a real falconer.
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