Extreme Biplane Thrill Ride, Los Angeles


LOCATION: Fullerton, CA


Turn your world literally upside down

Turn your world literally upside down with this once in a lifetime action packed flight in an aerobatic bi-plane. You are at the controls and in total control as you pull off those death defying aerobatic loops and swoops you've only ever watched from the ground! Imagine the absolute thrill as you point that nose towards the wide blue yonder, and then with a quick flick you are somersaulting earthwards! You'll feel an incredible 4 times force of gravity as your instructor offers you advice and encouragement through your two way radio. Bi-plane rides do not get any more exciting than this.

Based at Fullerton Airport CA, where the original barnstormers began äóñ your whole flight is recorded on DVD for you to take home and treasure forever. Not for the faint hearted, this is an aerobatic bi-plane flight adventure to remember for a lifetime.

  • Reach speeds in excess of 200mph
  • You are in control, under the guidance of an instructor
  • No experience or pilot's license required
  • In flight recording that's yours to keep at the end of the day
  • Must be less than 6'4" and not weigh more than 240lb.

A professional instructor pilot will guide you on this amazing experience as you take the controls of a real aerobatic plane. Learn how to perform your own loops, rolls and spins. Every manoeuvre is recorded during your flight and the tapes are yours to keep.

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