Introduction to Wine, Atlanta




Enjoy a level 1 Diploma Course in wine.

Get the inside track from Atlanta's leading wine experts with a series of eight fun and informative lessons covering everything you need to know about wine.

This comprehensive diploma course is perfect for both the wine curious and the wine enthusiast and will arm you with all the skills you need to quaff like an expert and amaze your dinner party guests.

You'll learn, not only how to identify the rich variety of aromas you experience when nosing wine but how to describe them using the correct terminology. You'll be given an in-depth overview of the wine making process and explore the tastes and wine history of the world's most celebrated wine regions. From food and wine matching to the lexicon of wine, how to store wine to distinguishing the different grape varietals, this in depth course is the ideal way to take your love of wine to a whole new dimension.

Lessons are conducted by expert, passionate guides in a light-hearted, sociable environment alongside like-minded people. Make friends and learn everything you always wanted to know about one of the world's most interesting topics on a voyage of discovery.

  • Eight sessions conducted over eight consecutive weeks
  • 6-12 wines per class for tasting
  • Delicious hors d‚Äôoeuvres with every class
  • Certificate of completion at the end of the course
  • All students receive a 100 page, four color book
  • Classes are limited to 17 attendees

This eight-week diploma course provides a firm foundation for wine enthusiasts of all levels. It is also a good refresher for those that have had a basic introduction in the past. 

The course includes regional immersion on France. Spain, Italy, California, Oregon, Washington, New York, Germany, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile and South Africa. Missed classes can be taken at another time.

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