Murder Mystery Dinner for 2, Milwaukee


LOCATION: Milwaukee, WI


Great tasting suspense and entertainment

A scream is heard … The sirens wail …. There’s a killer on the loose and it’s time to test your sleuthing skills to the max.

Get ready for Milwaukee’s ultimate murder mystery experience as you pit your wits and follow the clues to solve the crime of the century. Sit back and enjoy a fantastic four-course meal as you are immersed in a world of suspense and intrigue, with lots and lots of fun along the way.

You’ll savor some great tasting cuisine in the comfort of the city’s Hyatt Regency Hotel as you take your role in a critically acclaimed Milwaukee murder mystery dinner to remember. What makes this dinner experience particularly good fun is that none of the actors are in costume. They’ll be seated all around you and you won’t have a clue who’s in the show and who isn’t until the evening unravels. Remember – everyone’s a suspect including you. In fact, the killer could be sitting right beside you!

This is your chance to enjoy great-tasting suspense and laugh-a-minute entertainment as you immerse yourself in a Milwaukee murder mystery experience to remember!

  • Milwaukee‚Äôs most critically acclaimed murder mystery dinner
  • Includes a fantastic four course meal
  • Minimum age 13
  • Prize package for the sleuth who solves the crime

Be prepared to take an active part in this show as it unfolds around you and remember everyone‚Äôs a suspect ‚Äì even you! If you would rather just watch the entertainment, there is no obligation to take the stage or perform.  You‚Äôll be able to participate at the level to which you feel comfortable. The show is performed by trained improvisers from all over the country with a pedigree that includes the Chicago Improv Festival, the Los Angeles Improv Festival, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and many more.

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