Savannah River Cruise for Four


LOCATION: Savannah, GA


Experience the history of the Savannah River

Step back in time on the Savannah River for an unforgettable cruise that explores the area's rich history from a dramatic new perspective. From Fort Jackson to the Savannah Refuge, learn about the rice plantations that surrounded the city and see the ships as they set sail to distant corners of the world. Watch as cargo ships are loaded and unloaded at the Port of Savannah and view the famous Savannah Refuge, world renowned for its diverse and abundant bird life.

The Savannah River and its tributaries sustain some of the world's most diverse and biologically rich ecosystems. In fact, the Nature Conservancy of Georgia describes the Savannah River basin's abundant diversity of life as rivaling that of a South American rainforest.

You'll explore the saltwater marshes and tidal rivers of this unique conservation area and watch in awe as the landscape transitions to form the Mighty Savannah. Along the way, you'll discuss the natural habitat and historical aspects of the river as you find out more about the threats to the Savannah and ways in which you can be involved in helping to preserve this world heritage region.

  • Incredible 3 hour Savannah River tour for four 
  • View historical sites from Fort Jackson to the Savannah Refuge
  • See the Savannah Low Country marshes as they transition into the Savannah River
  • See dolphins, egrets, pelicans and much, much more
  • Hear fascinating facts about the area‚Äôs unique eco-system

This is the perfect way to experience the history and unique habitat of the Savannah River by boat. You’ll learn things you never knew about the area, see amazing local wildlife and take home memories to last a lifetime

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