Farallon Islands Whale Watch and Eco Tour, San Francisco


LOCATION: San Francisco, CA



See whales in their natural habitat

Set sail for adventure on a sightseeing tour to remember as you view whales in their natural habitat off the Farallon Islands, just a stone's throw from San Francisco.

You'll have the best view in the house as you explore the incredible variety of animals that inhabit this amazing marine sanctuary, including many species of migrating whales. Blue Whales, Humpback Whales, Gray Whales, and Sperm Whales are just some of the whales sighted in these waters and you'll be in awe as you see them rise mysteriously alongside your boat before diving deep below, with a mighty splash of their tail.

The Farallon Islands are a nature lover's paradise, home to a huge seabird colony, that's the largest of its kind outside Alaska and Hawaii. Twelve different species of seabird make the Farallon Islands their home as well as a rich variety of dolphins and seals.  You may even catch a glimpse of Great White Sharks, drawn to the islands to feed.

Eco tours don't get better than this. Bring your camera and a sense of adventure as you enjoy one of the best marine sightseeing tours American has to offer!

  • Exciting 6 hour eco tour showcasing whales in their habitat
  • Learn about the amazing marine life around the Farallon Islands
  • Stunning coastal views of San Francisco, the harbor and more
  • See an amazing variety of marine life including whales, dolphins and seals
  • Suitable for the whole family

Experience the incredible Farallon Islands and enjoy a close up look at amazing marine wildlife including whales, seals, dolphins and more. Throughout the trip, crew members provide full narration and are available to answer questions.

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