Chicago Extreme Jet Boat Ride




The fastest passenger vessel on the Great Lakes!

Get ready for the wettest, wildest most thrilling speed boat ride of your lives as the awesome super fast Seadog takes you on a fantastic tour of lakeside Chicago. The Seadog is the fastest passenger vessel on the Great Lakes so you know you're in for one heck of a ride!

The backdrop is the fabulous city and the back beat is hardcore rock and roll music as your captain keeps you even more entertained with little gems about this amazing city.

Expect high speeds, tight turns, and 360 degree spins as this super speed boat powers across the lake. This is the white knuckle speed boat experience to beat all others and is the only way to see the city of Chicago!

  • 30 minute open-air speedboat ride
  • Intense jet propelled experience
  • Exhilarating high speeds, topping out at 45mph
  • Full 180-360¬∞ spins
  • Departs from Navy Pier

Feel the power of this amazing speedboat as it blasts off on your thrilling tour to cruise past the fantastic Chicago skyline. Then hold tight as you experience this exhilarating ride in the most horse-powered commercial passenger vessel of its kind to be found on the Great Lakes.

  • You are advised not to ride if you have a bad back, bad neck, heart condition or are in late stages of pregnancy
  • All passengers on Seadog Extreme MUST be taller than 48 inches.
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