Sea Cave Nature Kayak Tour, Mendocino


LOCATION: Manhattan, CA


Immerse yourself in coastal sea caves

Paddle through the sea caves of the Mendocino coastline for a stunning marine wildlife encounter to remember.

Set sail for adventure for a journey by kayak showcasing mysterious caves, glistening with sea stars and vibrant algaes. Paddle along smooth, naturally formed channels and come face to face with Harbor Seals basking in their natural habitat. Skirt the sandstone cliffs as the black Oyster Catchers screech above you and explore dark natural chambers, teeming with colorful invertebrates.

Discover the hidden secrets of the Mendocino coastline by kayak on an unmissable back to nature experience.

  • 90 minute guided kayak tour
  • Wildlife encounters only accessible by kayak
  • All necessary equipment including wetsuit, booties, life jacket & helmet are included.
  • Guide with 10 years experience leading tours on Mendocino coast
  • Sheltered protected waters are ideal for beginners

This magical tour by kayak of the Mendocino’s sea caves is suitable for all ages and abilities. Van Damme is a special place offering protection and channels in either direction which means kayakers are insured of a smooth ride, while still being able to observe wave action on the outer reefs.

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