Having a Safe Boating Experience: Boat & Water Safety Information for Kids!

Having a Safe Boating Experience: Boat & Water Safety Information for Kids!
During the summer, most people want to spend their time by the pool or nearest body of water. Playing in the water is a great way to beat the summer heat. Water sports are also another popular pastime often enjoyed in the summertime which include boating, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, water skiing, wakeboarding, tubing and much more. Whether laying by the water or playing in the water, one thing's for sure--being by the water is a quintessential summer time activity.
However, most kids are too busy having fun and enjoying themselves when in the water. They don't think much about water safety. But water safety is a very important issue. Drowning has become the second leading cause of accidental death for young people ages five to twenty four, which could have been avoided if the most kids and teens knew a few simple rules and guidelines. Kids should learn to swim before getting on a boat, or in the water, period. Kids should also have a parent, guardian, or friend nearby that can help them get out of the water in case they can not swim back or if an accident occurs. If kids learn to take swimming and boating seriously, then they can enjoy the water again without getting hurt.
Look to the following resources below where kids can become more educated on safe boating and water safety practices.
Boat Safe Kids!
Kids can find out answers to questions asked about boats, including why people call the bathroom a “head” on a boat to what type of equipment should be used on a small boat.
Meet the Boat Safety Sidekicks!
This interactive website teaches kids how to go boating, fishing, and paddling safely. It shows how kids can have fun on the water without getting in trouble.
Colin the Coastguard
This fun and interactive page provides fun coast guard inspired activities for kids.
Water Safety for Kids: Have it and Wear it!
The United States Army thinks kids can play in and on the water without any problems if they wear a life jacket and follow these basic tips.
Kids Health: Water Safety
Kids love to play in the water, but they do not want to drown! It's OK, though. Kids can swim in the pool without hurting themselves if they just listen to adults.
Discover Boating: Just for Kids
Kids can practice riding on a boat on the computer before going out in real life by playing this fun game. If kids decide to go out on a boat, they should wear a life jacket, look out for other boats, stay away if it's too windy or rainy, and if the boat has other safety equipment aboard.
Water Safety Quiz
Kids should take this quiz to see if they can swim in the water safely.
Rafting and Paddling
Children should not go white-water rafting without a guide. Kids should also wear a life jacket and learn river signals to get help if they lose control while paddling.
Learn to Tie Knots
A series of videos that teaches kids how to tie knots in ropes to secure their boats to a deck.
Understanding the Tides
Kids can read about the tides to understand how nature makes them. Kids will also understand the danger tides can have on boaters.
All About Rip Tides
Read about rip tides. Kids will find answers on what to look for before going to the beach, and what signs show that the beach is unsafe to swim or boat in.
What is Brain Pop? Tides
Brain Pop teaches kids all about the water's tidal system using an animated show.
Kids Health: First Aid
Kids can learn how to do first aid on people who get hurt on boating trips.
Kids Water Safety
A web page that teaches parents and kids drowning prevention methods. Drowning is one of the leading causes of death for young children.
Kids Don't Float!
A coloring sheet that reminds kids that they can not float in water without a life jacket.
Top 10 Beach and Ocean Safety Tips for Kids (and Their Families!)
A list of ten beach safety tips for kids and their families, including never forget to wear sunscreen, learning about rip tides, learning how to swim correctly, never swimming alone, and protecting the head and neck when swimming under the water.
Lil' Skipper and Clamcakes
Themed coloring sheets that teaches kids boating safety lessons.
Danger Rangers: Water Safety
A kids-themed web page with a short summary, tips, music, and activities that teach kids the importance of being safe while in or on the water.
Bobber: The Water Safety Dog
Bobber teaches kids how to act while on a boat on the lake. Bobber offers cartoons, coloring sheets, and a lock game for kids only!
Water Safe Kids
A web page that shares information with parents and their kids about the importance of water safety when around pools, lakes, and the ocean. It teaches kids that they should not swim alone.
Splash Into Safety!
A water safety checklist for kids that reminds them to never swim without a buddy, never run or push around water, always wear a life jacket, and to only swim in the designated swimming areas.
Water Safety: Coloring and Activity Book
A coloring and activity book that teaches kids important water safety lessons while having fun!
Kids Don't Float! Activity Book
Ranger Roger teaches kids the importance of wearing a personal flotation device (PFD) or a life jacket while playing on the lake or river.
Visual Distress Signals
An informational page from Boat Safe Kids displaying pictures of the various distress signals used.
The Water Safety Code
Kids can learn and obey the water safety code to remain out of danger while around water bodies. Kids must learn to spot the hidden dangers, listen to safety advice, never go alone, and learn how to help others during times of need while on the river or out at sea.
Chapter 5: Safe Boating Distress Signals
A long list of distress signals that kids can memorize in case they get stuck on a boat at sea.
Signs, Flags, and Distress Signals
Kids have a chart of signs, flags, symbols, and distress signals for people stranded at sea.
Take Steps to Stay Safe Around Water
The American Red Cross offers safety tips for kids who wish to stay safe around water.
Swimming and Water Safety Skills Chart
A chart that shares ways for improving swimming skills, including parent and child aquatics, preschool aquatics, and grade school aquatics.
Cool Pool Tips for Kids
A long list of pool tips for kids, parents, chaperones, teenagers, and adults.
Sailing Terms
NauticED shares a long list of sailing terms for kids to understand more about boating in open water.
Water Safety Tips for Rivers, Lakes, and Dams
A comic strip that teaches kids to play safely around rivers, lakes, and dams.
Water Safety Skills for Students
A police department shares lesson plans with kids that guide them to safety when around water bodies.
Water Safety is For You!
A guide for parents, teachers, and students who wish to have fun around water doing a lot of different activities.
Water Safety Worksheet
A worksheet that tests a student's water safety knowledge.
Water Safety: Ideas Book
A book of ideas for parents, teachers, and students that contains activities related to water safety, including word searches, cross-word puzzles, coloring sheets, and tips.
Water Safety Spelling Worksheets
A worksheet that tests the student's understanding of water safety rules and terminology.
Longbeach Township: Water Safety Coloring Book
A coloring book that teaches kids the right way to act around, in, and on the water.
Safe Passage
The United States Army sponsors a water safety program that teaches kids the dangers of swimming in water unprepared.
Family Water fun at the Lake
A coloring sheet that teaches kids the importance of having an adult nearby when swimming. It shares information that a lot of kids have died when they have tried to swim on their own.
Kids Pool Safety Game
Kids can play this interactive game in order to test their pool safety knowledge.