Massage Indulgence


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Select from over 20,000 spas across America...

Relax your mind body and soul with a luxury massage that can be enjoyed at an amazing selection of America's leading spas.

Choose from a variety of massage styles, including revitalizing aromatherapy and relaxing Swedish massage at a venue that is entirely suited to your unique tastes and requirements - from sophisticated urban spas to relaxing country retreats.

Massage therapy is the perfect way to relax and recharge the batteries and is tailored to the requirements of the individual. You'll feel blissfully relaxed and revived as your cares are literally massaged away during an indulgent one to one session to remember. Also consider giving a massage as a gift! A Mother's Day massage is the perfect way to show appreciation for the woman who raised you.

  • Choose a massage that‚Äôs entirely suited to your needs and tastes
  • Select the perfect spa from a network of over 8,000 of America's leading spas
  • This gift can be transferred towards any other spa treatment
  • Complete flexibility as to choice of treatment

This gift is typically equivalent to a one hour spa treatment. It is the most flexible way to give someone the gift of massage.

Our call center staff will work behind the scenes with the recipient of your gift to select the perfect venue. 

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