Full Day Spa Package


LOCATION: Multiple



Relax and unwind at one of over 20,000 spas.

Relax, revive and feel alive with the ultimate spa escape. Unwind and recharge the batteries with a full day of spa pampering at a choice of leading venues - from sophisticated urban spas to relaxing country retreats.

Discover a state of inner harmony with a full day of spa treatments designed to revitalize and relax. From massages to facials, pedicures to body wraps, you'll enjoy a combination of treatments that will leave you feeling beautiful from top to toe.

This is the most flexible way to give someone the ultimate day spa package. Our network of literally hundreds of leading spas, caters for everyone's unique requirements which ensures we have the perfect spa solution for every taste and personality.

Once in a while everyone needs some pampering. Show someone you care with the ultimate day of indulgence - this is a gift with satisfaction guaranteed!

  • Choose a full day spa package that‚Äôs entirely suited to your needs and tastes
  • Select the perfect spa from a network of over 8,000 leading spas
  • Complete flexibility as to choice of treatment

This gift is typically equivalent to a full day of spa treatments. It is the most flexible way to give a spa package as a gift.

Our call center staff will work behind the scenes with the recipient of your gift to select the perfect solution.

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