Introduction to Gym Climbing Class, Atlanta




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Reach your peak with this Atlanta, Georgia, introduction to indoor climbing class. A great way to get started climbing, this exciting two-hour workshop teaches you the most important basics. If you've never climbed before, this is your chance to find out what the buzz is all about. No experience is required and all gear is provided, making this the perfect package for the beginner.

Learn basic climbing techniques, knots, belaying, climbing signals, and the proper use of equipment. This fun sport is an exciting way to get exercise and learn new skills. Get off the treadmill and take your workout to the next level. Sign up for this Atlanta, Georgia, introduction to gym climbing class today.

  • Learn to Scale Indoor Climbing Walls
  • Instruction, Shoes, Harness, & Belay Device Included
  • Approximately One Instructor per Six Climbers
  • Intensive Two-Hour Class

Learn the skills you need to start climbing with this two-hour indoor class that teaches safety, equipment use, and basic climbing techniques. No experience is required to get started with this climbing class. Scale the walls of our challenging 12,000 square foot facility, the largest of its kind in the entire Southeast!

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