Great American Days: Experience Paintball

Great American Days: Experience Paintball
Stealthily sneaking through the woods with your gun ready is a thrilling part of the game of paintball. It is a game of “staying alive” which means to avoid getting shot, or “marked” by a paintball. The paintballs are capsules containing dye which is water soluble. A gelatin shell covers the outside of the capsule. Thankfully paintballs are non-toxic so you don't need to worry if a little paint gets in your mouth or other areas.
A paintball gun or “marker” is used to propel the capsules and hopefully hit your opponent(s) so they will be out of the game. Players can compete on an individual basis or as a team. Paintball incorporates other well-known games into it such as “Capture the Flag.” In this instance, each team has a flag at their home base. Players try to grab the opposing team's flag and bring it back to their own home base without getting shot. Other games that are often played during a paintball session include: Hostage Rescue, Medic Mania, Manhunt, Elimination and Village Guardians.
In order to play the game of paintball you must have three pieces of equipment which include: a paintball marker or gun, paintballs and a protective face mask or safety goggles. Some people do find that it hurts a little when they get hit with a paintball. You may want to wear heavily padded clothing or a set of special paintball pants and jersey. These paintball-specific clothes are designed for movement but have extra padding for protection from the paintballs and other items such as rocks.
There are many available venues in which you can play paintball either indoors or outdoors. You will find three main types of paintball games. The first and original type is referred to as “woodsball” because it is often played in the woods. It can also be played in a different type of natural setting. It is usually played in a large area. A second type of paintball is referred to as “speedball.” It is played on open fields filled with inflatables called “bunkers” which are available to hide behind. Speedball is typically played in a smaller area than woodsball so it is faster paced. The third type is scenario paintball where players reenact historical events or a different type of story. World War II, Oklahoma D-Day, Jungle Rumble and Resident Evil Big Game are all examples of scenario games. Skirmish USA offers large and intense scenario games in Pennsylvania such as the “Stalingrad Scenario.” Paintball games have been known to become as large as 3,700 players.
If you love paintball and want to branch out and meet other paintball enthusiasts you can join a paintball club, league or tournament. There are also professional paintball teams and players. Paintball is even used by the military, police forces and security organizations to help with training. If you play paintball somewhere “official” there are rules that must be followed and typically referees to enforce them. Rules can vary greatly according to where you play. The most important and basic of rules is to avoid getting shot and marked by a paintball. What if you get shot by the paintball but it does not break and mark you? Whether or not that eliminates you from the game is up to the rules of the venue where you are playing.
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