Falconry Apprentice Course, Yuba City


LOCATION: Marysville, CA


Gain a better understanding of the ancient sport of Falconry.

The Falconry Apprentice Course is a comprehensive three-day course for the prospective falconer and raptor fan. The course schedule is demanding and intense, but is still fantastic fun!

Students that complete this course will come away with the knowledge of how to choose a sponsor, the time commitment involved, necessary experience and falconry licensing requirements. Training includes husbandry, manning and training. During the two evening workshops, students will learn basic husbandry techniques and how to make essential falconry equipment. In addition, students will be taken out on a hunt for the opportunity to gain knowledge of field etiquette and some hunting strategies.

While this course will not make you an apprentice, nor will it find you a sponsor, it will give you a very solid footing in, and a better understanding of, the ancient sport of Falconry. Potential sponsors will know that our graduates will have a competent understanding of the basics of falconry.

  • Study raptor biology
  • Become familiar with the ethics of falconry
  • Learn the all about the birds of falconry
  • Learn basic husbandry, furniture and housing for raptors
  • Gain knowledge of falconry manning and training techniques (operant conditioning)
  • Discover the personality traits and hunting styles of individual falconry species
  • Gain hands-on experience
  • Learn how to obtain a permit and how to find and choose a sponsor
  • Study hunting and hunting strategies
  • All materials are provided including a California Hawking Club study guide, falconry apprentice manual and certificate of completion.

This class is designed for the serious student who may be ready to make the commitment to become a licensed falconer. Nearly 50% of this course covers the federal and state laws and regulations pertaining to hunting and falconry. How these laws are interpreted is complicated but necessary to learn. All state falconry laws are based on federal guidelines and California was the egg from which these falconry regulations were hatched. The California study guide is a great tool for all United States Falconry exams.

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