Personal Songwriter Experience


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The ultimate gift of music

Ever wondered what it would be like to have your very own songwriting team produce a unique song especially for you or a loved one?

With this amazing experience, you'll have the services of your own personal songwriter, Doug McFarland who will write and record a unique song, tailored to your needs.

Featuring Doug's incredible vocal talent, complemented by acoustic guitar, every song is crafted with the individual in mind. Working closely with you to meet your needs, Doug will create an amazing song using lyrics of your choosing or his own, based on a subject selected by you.

You'll have the opportunity to spend time briefing your songwriter regarding the information you would like to convey and the tone of the song - from funny to sentimental and anywhere in between. The finished piece will take around three weeks to produce and will provide an incredible and lasting tribute that you will cherish forever. You'll also receive a copy of the lyrics, a digital file and CD.

  • Receive your own unique song, professional produced to your requirements
  • Features Doug McFarland‚Äôs incredible vocal talent and acoustic guitar skills
  • You choose the tone and style of song
  • FInished song includes a copy of the lyrics, a digital file and a CD 

Doug works closely with a song writing team to produce every individual song. He also regularly produces his own music with his band, The Doug McFarland One. 

Extra copies of the CD can be duplicated and professionally packaged to give to friends and family for an additional fee.

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