Stock Car Ride Along, Pikes Peak International Raceway

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LOCATION: Fountain, CO


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The ultimate ride of a lifetime!

Strap in next to a professional stock car driver for the most adrenaline pumping driving experience of your life! Imagine the absolute thrill as a super stock car screams off the start line pushing you back into your race seat at speeds touching 150 mph. Hold tight as the awesome pro racing driver swings that beast into tight corners and feel your adrenaline rise as the mean machine swoops down into super fast straights. This is how NASCAR drivers feel on race day and will leave any fan of the sport on the ultimate natural high!

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Ride A Long, Pikes Peak International Raceway

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LOCATION: Fountain, CO



Side By Side Ride Along, Pikes Peak International Raceway

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LOCATION: Fountain, CO



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