Drive a Stock Car, South Sound Speedway

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LOCATION: Rochester, WA


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Drive a real stock car to the max!

Get ready for adrenaline pumping, high octane, high speed race driving! That's more hot laps than most NASCAR drivers face in a single race.

This incredible day of driving begins with the all important pre-drive briefing. Listen well as your instructors give you all the tools you'll need to tackle the track and master the dream machine. You'll also get a narrated tour of the track allowing you to mark out the correct racing line.

Then it's the moment you've dreamed of - in full racing gear and helmet, you'll be behind the wheel of a real racing stock car. Imagine that moment on the start line when you fire up the mighty V8 engine and feel the surge as 500 horsepower begs to be unleashed! With speeds capable of 200 mph, these babies can fly! Have you got the driving game to take on the challenge?

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40 Lap Stock Car Experience, South Sound Speedway

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