Indy Car Ride A Long, Atlanta Motor Speedway




Get up close and personal.

For those looking for the ultimate Indy style car ride a long experience, you will not find better than this. The awesome Atlanta Motor Speedway is the venue and a race primed highly tuned Indy style car is your ride. Capable of touching speeds up to 170 mph you'll be strapped in behind your professional racing driver and get up close and personal to 600 horse power as it roars around the track. This is a white knuckle high speed all action Indy ride a long gift experience to give memories for ever.

  • Ride in a 2 seat Indy car for 3 heartpounding laps
  • Around the 1.54 mile, 24 degree banking Oval track
  • Top speeds reaching up to 180mph
  • Driven by a professional racing instructor

Climb into your elevated seat at the back of this specially designed Indy-style race car and from you raised position you won’t miss a thing on this exhilarating ride.

- Maximum weight 295lbs / Maximum height 6’7”

- Minimum weight 100lbs / Minimum height 5’

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