Georgia Mountains Biplane Flight for Two, Atlanta


LOCATION: Kennesaw, GA


Discover a new perspective on Georgia..

Reach for the skies on an unforgettable biplane flight showcasing the foothills of one of Georgia's true wonders, the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Two great adventures roll into one as you experience the thrill of reaching for the skies in an original WACO UPF-7 while witnessing one of the most diverse and dramatic landscapes Georgia has to offer. Drink in the ambiance of the awe-inspiring  North Georgia Mountains, formed over 400 million years ago and experience the unique thrill of open cockpit flying in an iconic warbird that served as a navy trainer during World War II. Lovingly restored to her former glory and one of only 40 left in existence, this agile vintage aircraft provides the best view in the house as you gaze down on dense blue tinged oak forests, basking lazily under the sun's shimmering light.

Run the ridge along Pine Lodge Mountain as you experience the true freedom of the air and discover what biplane flying is all about. A voyage of discovery you'll never forget!

  • Unforgettable scenic flight for 2 people
  • Experience the adrenaline rush of a vintage biplane in flight
  • Enjoy stunning views of the North Georgia Mountains
  • 45-50 minutes actual flight time
  • Maximum combined of both passengers should be less than 395 lbs
  • Price includes mandatory fuel surcharge

Two great adventures roll into one as you enjoy the thrill of flying inside a real piece of aviation history while gazing down on amazing panoramic views of the majestic North Georgia mountains.

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