Tandem Skydive, Cincinnati




One Mile High Tandem Skydive

Prepare for one of life's ultimate thrills as you step out of an airplane into an empty sky and experience a free fall skydive at over 100mph! This is a tandem skydive which means you'll be strapped to your instructor all the way down - but that certainly wont take away any of the thrills of jump!

Following extensive training you'll be harnessed into a 2 man rig and get airborne. Imagine the thrill (and maybe a touch of terror!) as you and your instructor take the plunge and begin falling earthwards for a over mile - now that's what you call the mile high club!  It's going to be the most thrilling experience you could ever imagine and one you'll be talking about for years!

  • Skydivers should be at least 18-years-old - no maximum age limit!
  • Participants should be physically fit and weigh no more than 235 pounds
  • 30 Minutes of extensive pre-experience training from experts
  • Custom built hangar for training and relaxation
  • Skydiving is dependent on the weather

If you've ever dreamed of free-falling from an airplane and flying through the air at over 90mph before opening your parachute then this is the ultimate thrill ride for you! You'll be given the most extensive pre-fall training possible, before going airborne and enjoying an incredible tandem skydiving jump. This is the real deal and certainly not for the feint hearted!

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