Private Hot Air Balloon Flight for Two, Nashville


LOCATION: Nashville, TN


An extra special hot air balloon flight

Greet the stunning sunrise or experience truly spectacular sunsets as you float majestically through the clouds aboard your own private hot air balloon. Imagine the scenery below you as the breath-taking vistas of Nasville Tennessee with its ever changing scenery and abundant wildlife unfolds before you and the one you love!
With all year round flying, the views below are ever changing with the seasons, and with the wind plotting your course, each magical flight is unique and one you'll remember for a lifetime. Passengers are encouraged to get hands on by helping with the balloon inflation, and following your flight and feet firmly back on the ground, there's the balloon fliers traditional champagne toast!

  • Highly experienced hot air balloon pilots
  • Hands on balloon experience before and after flight
  • Spectacular views of the stunning countryside
  • Traditional Champagne ceremony on landing

There's more to Nashville than country music! Soar high above the tree tops aboard your own private hot air balloon and head into the wide blue yonder enjoying the incredible vistas below. This is how flying should be, silent, serene,magical and yes even romantic!.

Passengers should be a minimum of 6 years old and be able to climb in and out of the basket un-aided. Pregnant women will need a doctors note!

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