Private Balloon Flight for Two, Salt Lake City




Float through the clouds on a magical sunrise balloon flight

Float through the clouds and gaze in awe at the stunning scenery of Park City below, as you enjoy a truly magical sunrise.

Champagne balloon rides do not get any more spectacular or indeed romantic than this. Your once in a lifetime trip into the wide blue yonder begins at dawn. You will be encouraged to help the crew inflate the magnificent balloon, before hopping aboard for a flight to remember for ever.

Spreading out below you as far as the eye can see is scenery that will take your breath away. From the ranchlands, rivers, and wildlife to the magnificent splendor that is Utah. This is a champagne balloon trip to leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Reach heights of up to 10,000ft above sea level
  • 1 hour flight time
  • Champagne reception on landing
  • Special logo souvenir included
  • All pilots are FAA certified instructors, with 25 years experience
  • Must weigh less than 270lb

To the west of Nevada you will find the Carson Valley, located only a few miles away from South Lake Tahoe, amongst the impressive Pine Nut mountain ranges and the picturesque Sierra Nevada mountains. There is no better place to see these outstanding views of fabulous ranchlands and weaving rivers, over the Sierras and onto Lake Tahoe.

Flights are weather permitting and require good visibility and low wind speeds.

Families with children aged 7 and over are welcome.

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