Champagne Balloon Flight, Columbia MO


LOCATION: Columbia, MO


Soar high above Missouri in a hot air balloon.

Float as gentle as a cloud aboard a traditional hot air balloon and take in the views of the spectacular Missouri countryside. Get up to a mile high and gaze down on the stunning vistas below as you take a magical journey into the wide blue yonder.

Launching from various locations around Columbia dependent upon the direction of the wind, the gentle breezes decide which way you head, to the east lies Lake Dixie Conservation Area with it's wilderness and spectacular lake. To the south is the bustling city of Columbia and it's varied skyline. Whatever way the wind may blow you're guaranteed an amazing experience, incredible views and memories to last a lifetime.

  • Price is per person
  • Spectacular views of Missouri
  • Flights typically last between 45 minutes and 1 hour but are dependent on weather conditions
  • You can assist with the inflation and deflation of the balloon.
  • Fliers must be over 48 inches tall and 6-years-old and above
  • Passengers must be able to stand for at least 1 hour and be reasonably fit
  • Pregnant women are not permitted to fly

Enjoy a fabulous flight into the wide blue yonder aboard a traditional hot air balloon and gaze down on the diverse and incredible Missouri countryside. From bustling cities and towns, twinkling lakes and rivers, to wilderness and farm lands, the views from amongst the clouds are simply stunning. It's a true voyage of discovery leaving memories to last a lifetime.

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