West Palm Beach Helicopter Tour


LOCATION: West Palm Beach, FL


Panoramic vistas over breathtaking coastal Florida

Experience the unique sensation of a helicopter in flight over beautiful South Florida.

Drink in stunning coastal views while enjoying the unparalleled thrill of flying in a machine that can go backwards, sidewards and forwards or just hover motionless on the spot. You’ll realize why helicopters are the preferred method of transport for the rich and famous.

Included in this unforgettable one hour tour are panoramic vistas of the Palm Beach Trump Towers, bird’s eye views of celebrity homes as well as Florida’s world renowned beaches and golf courses. Bring a camera and your sense of adventure for a helicopter ride showcasing West Palm Beach as never before.

  • Experience the adrenaline rush of a helicopter in flight
  • Enjoy stunning views of Palm Beach including coastline and local landmarks
  • 60 minute flightseeing tour
  • Maximum weight 240lb

Fly with one of Florida’s most renowned helicopter companies for an amazing voyage of discovery over show-stopping scenery.

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