Tandem Paramotor Flight, Los Angeles




See Malibu Beach as never before

Take off for adventure on a tandem paramotor flight and see Malibu Beach from a breathtaking new perspective. See stunning coastal views and exclusive mansions nestled in the hills as you soar to heights of 500 feet, firmly attached to your certified instructors.

See some of the most expensive celebrity homes in the world and enjoy the stunning panorama of the coastline and oceans beyond. The sense of freedom and tranquility is unforgettable as you glide through the skies. You simply won’t want to come down.

Discover the art of paramotoring on a tandem flight over Malibu beach that will live in the memories forever!

  • Fly with an instructor that has 22 years of experience
  • Perfect safety record
  • All ages welcome from 5 to 85
  • Must weigh under 225lb
  • In flight video available

No experience is needed to enjoy this paragliding adventure with a certified instructor.

Paramotoring (also known as powered paragliding) is a form of ultralight aviation where the pilot wears a motor on his or her back which provides enough thrust to take off using a paraglider wing. It can be launched in still air and on level ground.

The ability to fly both low and slow safely, the 'open' feel, the low equipment and maintenance costs, and the portability are among paramotoring’s greatest merits.

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