Fly a Plane, Kansas City


LOCATION: Kansas City, MO



Live your dream of flying a plane

Discover the unforgettable thrill of taking the controls of an airplane and enjoy panoramic vistas across the landscape.

Your unforgettable 30 minute experience starts with your feet firmly on the ground as you enjoy a briefing on flying techniques and safety. Then climb into the cockpit with an FAA qualified instructor and get ready to reach for the skies. 

During this amazing airborne adventure, you'll carry out in flight maneuvers and experience the unbridled joy of taking the controls. Whether it's the first step towards your pilot's license or just an excuse to enjoy the ultimate feeling of freedom, this Kansas City pilot lesson is for you! 

Expert instruction from your qualified pilot and breathtaking views of earth and sky

  • Take the controls and pilot the plane during your 30 min flight
  • Can contribute towards flying time for a Private Pilot's License
  • Or just do it as a one-off for the sheer joy of flying!
  • Best instructors in Kansas City

All pilots are FAA trained and every aircraft goes through rigorous inspections to ensure the safest experience while you fly a plane. Kansas City residents will be under the guidance of FAA instructors who use our up-to-date avionics systems that provide the latest training technology.

A C-152 trainer plane is used for most flying lessons. Kansas City residents will learn to fly a plane capable of climbing 800 feet per minute. C-152 planes have been used for training pilots all over the world since the 1960s. Many will argue that if you learn to fly a C-152, then you can learn to fly anything. You can buy discount 60-minute C-152 flying lessons online from Great American Days. 

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