Fly a Plane, Chicago


LOCATION: Wheeling, IL


Live your dream of flying a plane

Feel the adrenaline rush as you take the controls of a light plane and soar across the sky.  

Experience the joys of flying a light aircraft with one of Chicago's leading flight schools as you enjoy an outstanding 90 minute extended flying lesson that puts you in control. You'll be guided every step of the way by an experienced and knowledgeable FAA certified instructor, who will show you everything from pre-flight checks to the effects of control.

In this extended flying lesson, you'll be totally immersed in the world of flying as you are asked to do everything a real pilot does. From the pre-flight taxi down the runway to take off, in flight maneuvers to speaking with the control tower, you'll be living the pilot's dream.

This is the ideal way to introduce yourself to flying. But be warned, it's 100 percent addictive!

  • Chicago‚Äôs number one flight school
  • 90 minutes flight time
  • Total immersion in the flying experience
  • State of the art flight school facilities
  • One to one training with an FAA certified instructor

This unforgettable introduction to flying allows you to experience the thrill of piloting a plane while enjoying some of the best views the city has to offer with these Chicago flight lessons. Illinois residents and guests can purchase these extended 90 minute flying lessons and then send a gift pack or e-mail with directions on booking a flight date. You will feel welcomed as soon as you arrive at the Chicago facility to start your plane flying lessons. Illinois residents and guests will not feel disappointed as they chart Chicago's skies. You’ll be fully in control as you are challenged by your instructor to carry out all the pre and post flight checks as well as piloting the actual plane.

You should be aged 12 or over (under 18’s need parental/guardian consent) and taller than 4’10". The prices listed are for the Cessna C-150 Commuter.

If you would like upgrade to the larger, more comfortable Cessna 172, please call our Customer Service and $50 can be added for the flight voucher. The upgrade is required if the student is over 6 feet tall or 200 pounds.

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