Aerobatic Flight, Phoenix




Turn your world upside down - literally!

Enjoy the ultimate rollercoaster ride in the skies. Hold on tight, for a full-on, adrenaline-fuelled aerobatics flight showcasing the mighty power of the Extra 300L.

Dive, roll and loop the loop in a plane that has become the aircraft of choice for airshow performers worldwide and see what this stunt rocket can really do when put through its paces by a professional aerobatics pilot.

You'll experience barrel rolls, loops, stall-turns and much, much more as you shriek with delight over breathtaking views.

If you have nerves of steel and a stomach of solid rock, this joy flight to remember will leave you on the ultimate natural high.

  • Experience one the world‚Äôs best aerobatic planes, the Extra 300L, in action
  • Up to 20 minutes flight time
  • Total duration 1.5 to 3 hours including briefing
  • No experience is necessary

Experience the ultimate white knuckle ride and enjoy stunning views.

Participants must not be taller than 6‚Äô 6‚Äù and weigh less than 250lb.  Customers must be aged 15 years or over and weigh more than 85lb.

All missions are flown in the Extra 300L, the world’s highest performance certified aerobatic airplane, equipped with dual controls and a multi-view audio/video system that records every flight.

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