Defensive Driver Training, Denver




Gain confidence in your driving

If being safe on the road is a priority for you and your family, this is the course for you. This Colorado defensive driving course gives you – and your family – real hands-on experience to handle a car in any situation.

A driver in your family gets a chance to practice maneuvers including skid avoidance, control and recover, low and high speed dynamics, and sight exercises. They'll also learn to effectively use today's drive control aids like ABS and ESP.

Give your family the skills they need to maneuver out of a dangerous road situation in any weather and under any circumstances.

  • Four-Hour Defensive Driving Course for any driver in the Family
  • Every Licensed Driver Practices Maneuvers in a Specially-Equipped Vehicle
  • Learn Skid Control and Hazardous Weather Precautions
  • Great for Every Driver, from Beginner to Experienced

Some of the exercises that are included in Family Drive: skid avoidance, control and recovery, low and high speed dynamics, use of sight exercises, driving effectively with ABS, ESP and other current drive control aids, maneuvering and critical breaking, objective distracted driver exercises, accident avoidance & more!

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