Creative Photography Workshop, Atlanta




Take your photography skills to a whole new level

This amazing photography experience allows you to choose from a wide variety of location and studio based workshops, covering topics from beginners basics to photographing nature. You'll spend time with two professional photographers and discover how to artfully freeze the moment in time and get the most from your subject matter.

Workshops are designed to provide ultimate flexibility, covering subjects that suit both the novice and experienced photographer. Perhaps you just want to learn the basics and get more familiar with your camera? Then choose the ‘Introduction to Photography' workshop that's perfect for someone who has a new camera and wants to learn how to use it. Or maybe you've always wondered how to take imaginative pictures at night? With the ‘Night Shoot' package at Centennial Park, you'll learn how to capture stunning creative images that will amaze your friends.

Each workshop begins with an hour of tuition followed by a two hour live shoot. By the end of the session, you'll have the confidence and creativity to produce your own stunning images. In fact, you'll never point, click and say ‘cheese' again!

  • Three hour workshop with leading photographers
  • Choose from a series of workshops covering a wide variety of themes
  • Includes one hour tuition and a 2 hour live shoot
  • Suitable for both novices and experienced photographers
  • Small group sizes and focused tuition

Most workshops run in three hour segments. They include an educational section that will cover lighting, composition and how to become an artistic photographer, Best of all, they include a live shoot so you have the best of both worlds – education and hands on shooting. There will always be a minimum of two professional photographers on hand to answer your every question and guide you along the way.


You will learn how to take control of your camera and unleash your inner creativity on a real photo shoot with top professional photographers. Workshops will cover photography principles, using the settings on your camera, how to see light and make light, thinking outside the box, lighting, composition and how to capture your vision.

Workshop topics include:

  • Introduction to photography
  • Photographing children
  • Nature safari
  • Night shoot at Centennial Park
  • Location lighting
  • Studio lighting
  • Urban photography
  • Family portraits
  • Vintage style photography
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