Paintball Experience, St Louis


LOCATION: House Springs, MO


Your Ultimate Paintball Adventure Awaits

With six exciting paintball fields with various scenarios, a woods-ball field, and even a "king of the hill" field, you never know what to expect when you enjoy a paintball adventure at Adventure Valley. And if you're looking for the ultimate paintball experience that you won't find anywhere else, check out the exclusive zipline paintball experience -- it's the only one in the world! With two ziplines that soar over a premium playing field, you and your friends can shoot at each other on the ground or in the air. Grab a few of your friends, and let the adventures begin!

  • Includes rental gun, goggles, free air re-fill, and 1 bag of paint (500 rounds) 
  • Exclusive zipline paintball experience available
  • Unique playing fields with varying scenarios
  • Field paint only park (no outside paint allowed)
  • Available for paintballers ages 12 and up
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