Hot Air Balloon Ride, Janesville


LOCATION: Janesville, WI


Float like a cloud over green fields and verdant woodlands

Take to the skies for an exciting aerial adventure exploring Janesville and its surrounding area as never before.

Enjoy an aerial voyage of discovery over the picturesque Rock River in the rolling hills, green fields and verdant woodlands of scenic south central Wisconsin. Feast your eyes on a patchwork quilt of beautiful parks and recreational areas, boating lakes, ball fields, playgrounds, golf courses and much, much more. See Janesville from the air and view from way up high the 2,300 acres of parkland that surround it. Watch in awe as the morning light breaks across the Earth or see the landscape turn russet and gold in time with the setting sun. You won't believe the sensation of total tranquillity as you float with the wind, guided by Mother Nature herself.

Endless photo opportunities and memories to last a lifetime combine on this aerial voyage of discovery you will cherish forever.

  • Price is per person
  • A truly unique voyage showcasing Janesville and its surroundings
  • Specializing in personal flights for only two people at a time
  • Sunrise and sunset flights available year round
  • Fly up to 1000 feet
  • One hour total flight time

Flights are one hour long in general, although the pilots guiding your flight are real enthusiasts and will fly as long as fuel allows.

Pregnant women and people with pre-existing lower back problems should not ride. Children, 5 years and older, must keep both feet on the basket floor, and should be tall enough to see over the side of the basket. All passengers must be able to stand unassisted in the balloon.

Booking for Group