Gifts They’ll Remember for a Lifetime

Scientists have been studying the concept of happiness for years. There’s been loads of research on what, exactly, makes us happy and the kinds of things we should invest in during our lives. Study after study says that spending money on experiences instead of things makes people happier – and that happiness lasts longer.

Looking for an experiential gift this year? Great American Days has cultivated some of the most memorable experiences in the world. A few of our most unique gift ideas include…

Gourmet Tours

There are “foodie scenes” all over the U.S. just begging to be explored. Our handpicked list of gourmet tour experiences offers everything your loved one needs to get their fill. From Miami to San Fran and everywhere in between, there are unique, delicious cuisines to be discovered!

Wildlife Encounters

There’s going to a zoo and then there’s a wildlife experience. Has the animal lover in your life always dreamed of nuzzling a penguin or catching a falcon on their arm? Check out our curated list of once-in-a-lifetime animal experiences sure to please both kids and adults alike.

Extreme Sporting

What’s that saying? “Teach a man to fish…” Why not teach your loved one to do an extreme sport? The adrenaline junkie will love our collection of surf lessons, high-fall classes, snowboarding adventures, and more. Get the blood pumping and make memories – what more could you ask for from a gift?

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Want a view you have to see to believe? Hot air balloon rides are romantic, they’re low-impact, and they’re more affordable than you think! Our ballooning options offer the perfect place to propose, to reconnect, or simply to take in the sights. It’s a gift everyone can enjoy!

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