Full Day South Fork American River Rafting




Spend a whole day white water rafting!

Spend a whole day of white water rafting along the fun and exciting waters of the South Fork American River!

Tackle more than 40 rapids over 20 foaming white miles as you go with the flow in a breathtaking wilderness setting. The river rapids begin easy enough, but then explode into action -  leaving you grinning from ear to ear as paddle together to tackle all the twists and turns. A great introduction to rafting for younger family members, this is an amazing way to experience the thrilling and exciting world of white water rafting.

  • Full day adventure covering the whole river from Chili Bar to Folsom Lake
  • Perfect for young or inexperienced rafters
  • Easy class III rapids
  • Over 20 miles of river
  • Up to 40 fun rapids
  • Located in the heart of the Northern California Sierra Nevadas

The waters of the South Fork provide the perfect whitewater rafting experience for everyone, young or old, experienced or first-timers. With rapids like "Meatgrinder," "Triple Threat," and "Troublemaker," this is an experience you are unlikely to ever forget.

The river has plenty of calm, relaxing water, some moderate class 3 rapids surrounded by stunning wilderness scenery.

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