Defensive Driver Training, Monterey


LOCATION: Monterey, CA


Defensive driving skills for life

Learn the skills needed to handle today’s challenging road conditions on a full day defensive driving course under the expert guidance of one of the country’s leading driver training schools.

This course is designed to arm you with the defensive driving skills to protect you from unforeseen hazards as well as other people’s bad driving and will help you become a better and safer driver.

Whether you’re new to driving and wish to develop greater awareness or you’re an enthusiast looking to improve your skills, you’ll have a lot of fun and learn along the way as you are put behind the wheel of a range of exciting performance cars in a variety of challenging conditions.

Your experience starts with a classroom session on vehicle dynamics and defensive driving theory before you get behind the wheel of a mixture of Mazda RX-8 sportscars, Mazda MX-5 roadsters and MAZDA3 sedans to practice slides, recoveries, threshold braking and accident, lane-toss exercises and accident avoidance techniques

With a focus on enjoyment and practical learning, this is the perfect experience for drivers of all ages and abilities.

  • Full day driving experience at Mazda Laguna Raceway
  • Learn wide variety of performance and defensive driving skills
  • Practice on different terrains including the track and autocross
  • Drive wide selection of performance vehicles
  • Comprehensive defensive driver training from leading industry experts
  • No experience necessary

A valid driver's license is required (exceptions may be granted for those with karting or other competition experience). Drivers must be comfortable operating a manual transmission. Drivers under 18 must have parental consent.

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