30 Lap Stock Car Experience, Sandusky Speedway


LOCATION: Sandusky, OH



Stop dreaming and start driving.

Climb into the driver's seat of a race primed stock car at Sandusky Speedway. See the world through the eyes of a real racing champion as you enjoy 30 high speed laps of an exciting short track where some of the legends of NASCAR learned their craft.

Seasoned racing instructors with give you a thorough grounding in all aspects of racing theory, but behind that wheel and out on the track, it's just you and 500 horsepower of lean, mean racing machine! You can't begin to imagine the thrill as you fire that mighty V8 into life and listen to the deafening roar. Get the hammer down and explode off the start line, powering down the straight and into the first bend. You'll be fighting that monster all the time for the perfect racing line, whilst pushing those speeds through the roof.

This is an amazing taste of the high octane, high speed world of stock car racing and includes an authentic pit stop. With passing other drivers all part of the fun, this once in a lifetime adventure is one of the most authentic stock car driving experiences there is!

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  • Adrenalin-fueled racing, with you behind the wheel
  • 30 high speed laps at Sandusky Speedway
  • Drive lightweight NASCAR style late models
  • No lead car and wide open passing format
  • 500+ horsepower race primed stock cars
  • No experience required
  • Must be aged 18 years

You√≠¬¢√§‚Ä∞√•√§‚Äπ¬¢ll drive NASCAR style Late Models at Sandusky Speedway where many of the great stars of NASCAR learned and honed their craft.  There√≠¬¢√§‚Ä∞√•√§‚Äπ¬¢s a reason why the drivers at NASCAR√≠¬¢√§‚Ä∞√•√§‚Äπ¬¢s highest level look forward to going to NASCAR√≠¬¢√§‚Ä∞√•√§‚Äπ¬¢s shortest tracks, and many of them sneak away on their off weekends to go back and race a NASCAR style Late Model at a short track. It√≠¬¢√§‚Ä∞√•√§‚Äπ¬¢s the sensation of speed and the lightning quick reflexes that combine to make short track racing such an exciting racing experience.

Drivers must be aged 18 years and over and have a valid driver's licence. All racing suits, helmets and safety equipment are provided.

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